Can our Constitution Work without Christianity

America’s Second President, John Adams, said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for a government of any other.” In other words, our country will not function properly without Christianity.

Is John Adams right? Can our society survive without the Christian faith? Without question, Christianity doesn’t have the influence it once had. But others say that religion is no longer relevant, that it is not necessary to creating a good world, that there are no absolutes, no objective truth. Are they right?

Our society cannot function without Christianity. Our Constitution will not work without the restraints of religion, just as Christianity will not work without the cross.

Christianity without a cross is a sect without a Savior. I read about the man who said to a preacher, “I don’t like the way you speak about the cross. I think that instead of emphasizing the death of Christ, we should emphasize Jesus as an example.”

When the preacher asked the man if he had ever sinned, the man said yes, so the preacher replied, “Then your greatest need is to have a Savior, not an example.”

I have shared the Gospel with the poor all over the world for more than sixty years, and I can honestly tell you that the message of the cross of Christ is the only hope for mankind. Please pray for us as we lift up the cross here on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Willie Jordan