Miracle on 34th Street or Miracle on 5th Street

“Miracle on 34th Street,” produced in 1947, is one of the most beloved movies of all time. But I need a miracle here on 5th Street, in the heart of Skid Row!

“Miracle on 34th Street” was produced in 1947, yet every year at the holiday season, television stations re-run this lovely Christmas movie. Though most of us have seen it several times, we watch it again, because it goes right to the depths of our emotions.

But this Christmas season, I need a Miracle on 5th Street! I need tons of food for hungry families, and for homeless men and women. I need warm blankets for families that live in flophouses, in welfare hotels, and in the projects, as well as blankets for people that sleep right out on the streets. So I’m sure you can see why I need a miracle here on 5th Street.

1-844-FJM-FOOD is your toll free line to call with your Christmas donation, to be part of the Miracle on Fifth Street. You can also give on our secure website, www.fjm.org or by mailing your donation to PO Box 12345, Covina, CA, 91722.

And when you give, you can be assured that as we celebrate Christmas here on Skid Row with our hungry, homeless guests, we will clearly explain that the real Christmas miracle is not on 34th street, or even here on Fifth Street. The real Christmas miracle is in Bethlehem, where Jesus, the Son of God was born. And as our friend, Rick Warren writes, through Jesus, the Christmas baby, “God offers to each of us forgiveness for our past, peace of mind in the present, and a solid future in eternity.” This is the real miracle of Christmas that we will celebrate here on Skid Row.

So as you celebrate your Christmas with friends and loved ones, may I ask you to be part of a miracle here on 5th Street, by giving a special offering for the poor.

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)