When Do You Pray?

The late Mother Teresa of Calcutta was asked, "How do you pray? When does a busy person like yourself find time to pray?" "Twenty-four hours a day," she replied softly. "Twenty-four hours a day."

In my work with the poor, I have also found the necessity of constant prayer - - - prayer for those I touch, and prayer for God to give me His wisdom, His strength and His power.

Prayer is absolutely essential in everything we do! For everything we do is in Him, for Him, and to Him - - - whether working here on Skid Row, in our business life, or in our family life.

I share these thoughts with you for two reasons. First, I want to let you know that I am personally setting aside the last Tuesday of this month as a Day of Prayer. I am deeply concerned about the little families who live on America's violent streets - - - especially the battered and abused mothers and their children.

I am also deeply concerned about you. As I read the letters that come from caring friends like you, my heart aches as I realize that your primary concern is for your family. So my family and my staff will join me for a special Day of Prayer on the last Tuesday of this month to pray for you, your family, and any concerns you would care to share.

Second, I'd like to ask you to join with us to be “His hand extended” in a world that desperately needs His love.

When you send me your prayer needs, I would be deeply grateful if you would include a donation for those we serve. Go to our website, fjm.org/prayer, to share your prayer needs, fjm.org.

Willie Jorda