Meet my friend Mona

The frail little woman walked up to me and said, “Mrs. Jordan, I don’t know if you remember me, but my three children and I met you and the wonderful people from Fred Jordan Mission several years ago when we lived in Tent City.”

When you see hundreds of needy people each day, you might forget a face. But not this face - - the pain in her eyes showed the pain that flooded her heart after she was abandoned by the man who vowed to love her, the father of her children. I couldn’t forget Mona. The story was too intense…and the memories still too strong.

Mona’s mention of tent city brought back a flood of memories. Hundreds of homeless Americans on the streets of Los Angeles were forced to live in horrible conditions in a dusty field east of town, alongside the railroad tracks.

Mona went on to say, “My whole family was homeless, and you took such good care of us. We wouldn’t have survived without your Mission’s love and care.”

Fred Jordan Mission is a place where needy souls find God’s love, and people who care. This is a place where your gift can make a difference, a place where lives are changed. If these were your children, your grandchildren, what would you do?

Tomorrow, more of Mona’s heartbreaking story.

Willie Jordan