Seen, and Not Heard

Most of us have you heard the phrase, "Children are to be seen, and not heard.” This phrase was first heard in 400 BC, inferring that a child's place is to be quiet and well-behaved. This was a widespread sentiment for centuries, carrying the idea that children shouldn't have a voice in their lives - - children should behave well, and be quiet.

In the world of Jesus’ day, children were neither seen nor heard. The society of the day felt they were of no value. So, when parents pushed and shoved their children towards Jesus, they were hoping this famous man would touch them. But His disciples, thinking they were protecting Jesus from unwanted demands, tried to keep them away. Though they were merely reflecting the attitude of people in the ancient world about children, Jesus rebuked His disciple.

He said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them!” And then Jesus took them in His arms and hugged them.

When Jesus rebuked his well-intentioned disciples how important children are to God, He turned the tables upside-down in that society. He declared children had value. They have worth. Children are precious in the sight of God.

Here in this inner city, and in every city in America, we allow children to attend some of the worst schools, live in the filthiest and most unsafe neighborhoods, and then we pay millions of dollars to study these children, to find out why they don't have a moral compass.

Friend, we may not have given birth to these children, but be assured of this, these children are our responsibility! We cannot ignore them! And let me give you fair warning – these children will soon grow into adults, and then all of us will be forced to deal with them.

Here at Fred Jordan Mission we tell children that Jesus loves them. And we show them they are important to God by listening to them, and giving them a warm hug,
I need your help to expand our ministries to these children. Nothing is more important than bringing our children to Jesus. 1-844-FJM-FOOD is our toll-free number to help a precious hungry, homeless child. Or donate online,

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” Parents, don’t ever get too busy for your own children!

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)