What Will They Become

“I Dream They Are Going to Kill Me,” screamed the newspaper headline.

Kidnappings. Drugs. Violence. Death. In Los Angeles, and in cities across our nation, neighborhoods are dominated by gangs, the invisible victims are children. A whole generation of traumatized youngsters is learning how to dodge bullets and survive on the streets. But not all their wounds can be seen, nor do they heal. It makes one wonder, what kind of adults will they become?

Many of these children see domestic violence in their own homes, and many of them experience violence, personally. And living in these violence-riddled neighborhoods means they can’t enjoy outings to parks, playgrounds, libraries and movies like kids in the suburbs, and even walking to school can be dangerous. They learn to hit the ground at the sound of gunfire and learn which gangs wear which colors.

Children leaving the Mission one afternoon had to step around a large pool of blood. The paramedics had just taken away a man who had been stabbed, and our staff had not had time to wash away the blood on the sidewalk.

What is the answer for these children, OUR children? Oh, I know, there are many answers. But there are a couple of things that all the experts and officials agree on.

First, these children need adults in their lives to love them, adults who will care about them, adults who will simply be there for them. And second, everyone agrees these children need a sense of hope, an anchor, and a sense of purpose.

I believe this is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In Him, there is Life, love, joy, hope. These are the things that all of us need and seek, not just the abused, frightened children in this inner city.

Please help us reach out to more children and families with the love of Jesus. 1-844-FJM-FOOD is our toll-free number. Use a credit card for your donation when you call, or when you go online, fjm.org. It it’s more convenient, make out your check to Fred Jordan Mission, and mail it to me here at the Mission, Willie Jordan, PO BOX 12345, Covina, CA 91722.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t hinder them.”

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)