Your Children Are Small Adults

My heart goes out to single parents, especially single moms. I have been a single mom since 1988, when my husband, Fred Jordan, died. Our youngest child was 16-years old, and I’m honest to tell you that I can’t imagine how I would have coped if Fred had died when our children were small.

Fred was such a wonderful, caring, hands-on father. I always said he changed more diapers than I did, and believe me, with seven children, our washer and dryer were busy. Fred said he took the night shift with the children, and I took the day shift.

Fred even took the children shopping, bravely going into a local shoe store with four or five small children in tow, to fit them all in shoes. The kids loved it! In fact, our eldest child, Miki, still says that she preferred having her father take her shopping, because he was much more generous that I was!

My heart goes out to you, if you’re single parent. You have a double responsibility and a double load to parent your children. That’s why you need to center your own life in God’s Word, stay in a good church where you where you and your children will receive sound Bible teaching, and have good Christian friends for fellowship and support.

I often counsel young parents to look at their children as small adults. Teach your children with their future in mind, realizing that teach them now, will affect the rest of their lives.

I have set aside the last Tuesday of this month as a Day of Prayer, and my family and my dedicated staff will join me to pray for you. Mail your prayer requests to me, Willie Jordan, PO BOX 12345, Covina, CA 91722. Or go to our website,


Willie Jordan