Do our Lives Reflect Jesus Christ?

Have you ever thought that many of the people we most admire are who they are because of what Christ has done in their lives?

Mother Teresa was the leader of the Sisters of Charity of Calcutta, India. Her life of service to the poor and the dying was celebrated, and when she died, millions around the world watched her funeral on television. And India, an officially Hindu nation, honored her with a state funeral.

Documentaries about her life revealed that she received the Nobel Peace Prize because she had inspired so many to care for the poorest and for those who are dying. Those who knew her well said that she often told them it was the life and the ministry of Jesus that had inspired her to serve the poor and the dying throughout her lifetime.

Once when a church leader visited her, he asked the secret of her compassion for the dying, dirty people of the world. She said that it was Jesus who gave her compassion. He then asked, "How does Jesus give you the power to care for the poor?" She replied, "Come with me and you can meet Jesus."

The church leader followed her out of the chapel into a large room where there were a great number of dying persons.

She took him to an elderly man who had just been brought in from the street. The dying man was filthy, and the horrible odor was suffocating.

She knelt down, took the dying man in her arms and said to him, "I love you." Then she looked up at her guest and said, "I want you to meet Jesus. In a dying man, I see and meet Jesus, my Savior. Did He not say, “In so much as you did it unto the least of these you have done it unto me?'" (Matthew 25:40)

Mother Teresa’s life was changed by Jesus Christ, and in turn, she spent her life reflecting His image, His compassion to others.
I pray that our lives will reflect God’s love in this hurting world.

Willie L. Jordan
(Mrs. Fred Jordan)