Jesus said "I am the Bread of Life"

At the Last Supper Jesus took a loaf of bread and blessed, and broke it; and he gave to the disciples, and said, "Take, eat; this is my body." (Matt. 26:26) Then He said, “I am the Bread of Life,” four times in the gospel of John along.

Bread is called the “staff of life” because it is a basic food that supports life. Some form of bread is found in virtually every society. ‘Breaking bread' means eating. 'Our daily bread' means food.

Jesus used bread in the Passover meal. He fed bread to 5,000 men, plus the women and children. Throughout history bread has been central to human existence.

Immediately after fighting had stopped in Europe in World War II, American soldiers picked up hungry, homeless children from the streets and placed them in tent cities. They were malnourished and the soldiers shared their bread with them. But one of the soldiers noticed the children were afraid to go to sleep at night, so he tried an experiment – after dinner he gave each child a piece of bread to hold. The result was astounding. When they had the security of bread for tomorrow they slept like babies. It took away fear.

Bread! The very word evokes strong emotions like security, fellowship, the presence of God, provisions for the journey. People must have food to live. But Jesus knew that there is a deeper hunger in life which also must be met and satisfied.

Here at the Mission we share Jesus, the Bread of Life for the soul – Bread with a capital B. We also share bread for the body – bread with a small b. Please join us by going to, our secure website for your donation – Or phone 1-844-FJM-FOOD.

Willie L. Jordan