Going to the Moon Made Me a Servant

Pointing to the moon, little James often said, “Someday I’m going to the moon.” It’s doubtful anyone believed him, because space travel was still only the stuff of science fiction.

But childhood dreams can come true, and Colonel James B. Irwin became a member of the Apollo 15 crew that made the successful moon walk. He often spoke of the thrill connected with leaving this planet and seeing it shrink in size.

Humbled by the awesome goodness of God, Colonel Irwin shared his feelings, which went something like this: “As I was returning to earth, I realized that I was a servant-not a celebrity. So I am here as God's servant on planet Earth to share what I have experienced that others might know the glory of God.”

Colonel James B. Irwin got to live out his childhood dreams, and in the process he discovered the basic truth that to be Christ-like is to be a servant, as our Savior was. He healed the sick, washed the feet of His disciples, fed the hungry, held and blessed the children, and gave His life on the cross for the sins of the world.

Please join our team of servants here on the streets of Skid Row, where childhood dreams have turned into nightmares for most of our homeless friends.

Willie Jordan