There's No Free Lunch

Summer is here. School is out, and there’s no free lunch.

Many children look forward to the summer vacation, playing outside, swimming in a pool, trips to the beach, and backyard barbeques.

But for more than 17 million American children, summer means no free school lunch. Families and children in America’s inner cities live in a tiny room in a run-down welfare hotel on Skid Row, in a dangerous government project, and sadly, some live right on the streets.

Children living in inner city slums have no beautiful green lawns, no swimming pools, and no trips to the beach. Summer means staying inside in a sweltering room with no air conditioning. Children play on the stairway of a welfare hotel or flophouse apartment building, but the people they meet are scary - - pimps, prostitutes of both sexes, drug addicts, drug dealers, child predators, ex-cons, and drunks. A child could play on the sidewalks, but that gets even scarier.

That’s why we’re having a series of Summer Day Camp for Kids here at the Mission on Skid Row. We have games, prizes, arts and crafts, lots of good food to eat, food bags to take when they leave, a new T-shirt for each child, and daily Bible stories to explain how much God loves them.

Your gift of $20 gives a new T-shirt to a child, nourishing food, food bags to take home, and a children’s Bible story book.

Willie Jordan