Allow God to be God

“At the cross God wrapped his heart in flesh and blood and let it be nailed to the cross for our redemption,” said E. Stanley Jones, a missionary to India.

Dr. Jones went to India to share the message of the cross, but the climate caused him to have one physical breakdown after another.

One night when he was scheduled to preach in the city of Lucknow, his strength failed. He cried out, "Lord, I can't do it." Then he heard the Lord say, "You're breaking down because of stress. If you will turn yourself over to me completely, I will give you all the energy you need for as many years as I keep you on earth."

Dr. Jones answered, "Lord, I accept that offer” Forty years later, at seventy years of age he said, "I have not been tired in forty years."

If you’re facing stress today, if you feel overloaded, if everything seems to have become too much, God will be faithful to you just as He was to Dr. Jones, IF you will turn yourself over to Him completely.

Psalm 16 says, “The Lord himself is my inheritance. . . My food, my drink, my highest joy! He guards all that is mine. I will bless the Lord who counsels me. Because He is near, I need never stumble and fall.” Friend, allow God be God in your life!

Willie Jordan