He Came to Bring us Home

It may be possible to be compassionate without being Christ-like, but I don’t think one can be Christ-like without being compassionate.

Compassion was a divine virtue in the life of Jesus. I think the New Testament writers focused on this virtue above all others. And you and I should realize the importance of godly compassion in our own lives.

Several times the Scripture speaks of the compassion of Jesus.

Moved with compassion when He saw the multitudes, Jesus healed their sick.
Moved with compassion, Jesus touched and healed the leper.
Moved with compassion, Jesus comforted the widow.
Moved with compassion, Jesus gave sight to the blind men.
Moved with compassion, Jesus fed the hungry multitudes.

The life and work of Jesus is a strong example of what we are called to be: compassionate. Jesus was never moved with compassion in response to anything other than needy humanity.

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. When they were blind, sick, saddened or hungry, the Lord showed His compassion towards people.

We must also have compassion for the spiritual and physical needs of individuals. The recipients of Christ’s compassion were people in desperate need of help. Above all, they needed salvation.

Look to Jesus today. He will reach out His tender hand of compassion and touch you, just as He did the lepers, the blind men, and the widow.


Willie L. Jordan
(Mrs. Fred Jordan)