Did the Bible Make You Do It?

An army chaplain was visiting wounded soldiers in a hospital during World War II. The chaplain offered to read some Bible passages to one young soldier, but the soldier said, "I'm cold," so the chaplain took off his own coat and wrapped it around the young man.

Next, the soldier asked for something to drink, and the chaplain propped up the soldier's head and held his own water canteen to the young man's lips. Then the chaplain asked again if he could read some passages to the young man. This time, the soldier replied, "If there is anything in that Bible that caused you to do what you've done for me, yes. Please read to me that part of the Bible."

Do our actions mirror the teachings of Scripture? A leading Baptist theologian, Jim Denison, pointed out the fact that we live in a time of unprecedented skepticism in the Western world with regard to historic Christianity, and added that when we feed the hungry, we demonstrate the relevance of our message. We show them God's love is real when our love is real. When Christians help hungry people, they earn the right to share the gospel -- not only with people in need but also with a skeptical society.

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The first century church demonstrated the rightness of its faith by the relevance of its ministry. A skeptical world will judge the Church by how well, or how poorly, we follow Jesus teaching. Do we treat the poor, the hurting and the needy the same way we would treat Jesus?


Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)