Thanksgiving Alone?

If you had ever spent Thanksgiving alone, cold, hungry, and huddled in a cardboard box for warmth, like so many people on the streets of Skid Row, you would understand why Fred Jordan Mission’s Family Thanksgiving Banquet was so important for the poor.

Let me assure you, the holidays on America’s streets bear no resemblance to the famous Norman Rockwell painting: a perfect family sitting at a beautiful dining room table piled high with roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

In fact, for most of the people living on Skid Row and the inner city, there is no food at all. In fact, without caring friends like you, Thanksgiving would have been thankless for most people living in ragged tents, on wooden pallets, or right on the cold, hard sidewalk.

However, thanks to the generous help of caring friends like you who were willing to lend a hand, yesterday Fred Jordan Mission served a traditional roast turkey dinner, with all the trimmings at a huge banquet out in the middle of Fifth Street.,

Hunger was satisfied with a nourishing, delicious dinner. Loneliness was replaced with warm friendship from our staff and volunteers. And we shared Jesus, the Bread of Life, to meet the deepest longing of their hearts.

The Mission still smells like roasting turkeys, but we are already preparing for Christmas. Thousands of families and children look to us for their only Christmas dinner food, blankets, knit caps and scarves, and even new toys for up to ten thousand impoverished children. Single adults will join us for their only Christmas: daily services with familiar carols, Christmas messages, hot Christmas dinners, fresh fruit, candy, warm blankets, and new socks.

Please help us continue to share God’s Word, and care for some this nation’s neediest citizens. They look to the Mission for their only Christmas, and we look to you for your partnership.

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)