We Need Bricks

Plutarch, in writing about the king of Sparta, tells how an ambassador on a diplomatic mission visited the famous Greek city.

Knowing that its strength was acclaimed throughout all of Greece, the ambassador had expected to see massive fortresses surrounding the town, but he found nothing of the kind. Surprised, he exclaimed to the ruler, "Sir, you have no fortifications for defense. I see no high walls. Why is this?" "Ah, But we are extremely well protected," the ruler replied. "Come with me tomorrow and I will show you the walls of Sparta."

The next day the ruler led his guest to the plain where the army was drawn up in full battle array. Pointing proudly to his soldiers who stood fearlessly in place, he said, "Behold the walls of Sparta--10,000 men and every man a 'brick'!"

Sometimes we make life so complicated. We’ve got to have every gadget, every latest piece of technology—thinking that we cannot and will not succeed without it. When sometimes, like the soldiers of Sparta, all we need is a major force, each holding a brick.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be a BRICK…a brick for God, and for good. In this world where the battle rages between the forces of good and evil, I want to be strong in sharing God’s love, and in serving those who need our help.

Today, at Fred Jordan Mission, we’re looking for people like you— who will be willing to stand as our first wall of defense for the poor—each with a brick of hope, a brick of volunteering, and a brick of financial commitment.

Will you help us? I hope so. And what better time to start than at the beginning of this New Year. Please help us share God’s love on these streets, where the forces of evil are strong. Phone 844-FJM-FOOD. Use a major credit card when you donate by calling 844-FJM-FOOD, or when you donate online, fjm.org, that’s fjm.org. Your gift to Fred Jordan Missions will bring food, comfort and healing to those who live and suffer in our inner city.