Easter Celebration

Recap of 2018 Easter Celebration

This Easter we’ll take the powerful, life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ to those who live in the graveyard of Skid Row. Because when you live in this inner city, you’re literally living in a graveyard.
It’s a graveyard of dead dreams, dead plans, dead hopes, and dead aspirations. But even in a graveyard, there is hope. After all, it’s where Jesus rose from the dead.
And just as He rose from death to life that first Easter morning, these precious souls can leave their grave clothes and come out new creatures in Christ, literally born again.
Here at Fred Jordan Missions, we’re preparing to welcome hungry and hurting men, women, and children to our family Easter celebration. We’ll share the message of Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life, and then invite them to join us for Easter dinner.
Will you join us in reaching out to souls with shattered lives, and to souls who have no hope?

Event Date

March 31, 2018 | 10:00 am


445 Towne Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90013


+1 626-915-1981