Back To School

More than 70% of the Los Angeles Unified School District's 909,000 students are poor.

“Thousands of children go to school in rags. Thousands of children struggle daily with the humbling consequences of poverty: inadequate clothing.

Some children go to school in their pajamas, others show callused toes poking through tattered sneakers.

The worn-out, torn clothes on their backs is one visible sign of the poverty that afflicts nearly three-quarters of the L.A. Unified School District students, who commonly go to school hungry and sick.”

When it rains, 13-year-old Alvaro often misses school because his shoes have holes. The shy, thin boy who lives in a tough neighborhood said he hates missing school and wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.

“I want to do something good for myself,” he said.  “I want to help my mother.  I don’t want to be in a gang.  I try to study, but it’s hard because I don’t fit in.  They make fun of my clothes.” (L.A. TIMES)

Over the past quarter century more than 130,000 children have returned to school prepared to learn, thanks to Fred Jordan Mission’s Back-to-School New Clothing Giveaway. The children have been given new clothing, new shoes and sox, back packs, school supplies, haircuts, hygiene kits, and nourishing food, all donated by generous companies, churches, schools and individuals.

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