Christmas On Skid Row

Christmas On Skid Row

For thousands of children in Los Angeles, Christmas is a season of sadness. For them, there will not be a Christmas tree or presents. There may not even be enough to eat.

That’s why we make all holidays special for our friends on Skid Row. And thanks to compassionate friends like you, this Christmas will be no exception.

At our annual Christmas Celebration at Fred Jordan Missions, we'll declare and demonstrate the love of the Christ to inner city children and their families.

Along with warm clothes and blankets, each child will receive at least one new toy—likely the only toy they'll receive this Christmas. And families will receive food bags with everything they need to make Christmas dinner.

More importantly, these children and their families will hear the Christmas story. Christmas is a unique opportunity to share Jesus on these cruel streets. And with your help, we’ll provide food for the body and the soul.

Your special gift today helps provide the basic necessities for those who are so desperate.

Your support is needed! Will you help FJM continue to “Declare and Demonstrate” compassion as we serve the poor this Christmas?

Thank you for giving back today.

Joe Jordan
President/Senior Pastor

P.S.  Your generous gift is tax-deductible.