"They had somewhere to come to for help."

Summer OUtreach Fred Jordan Mission

A few weeks ago, during one of our outreaches at the Mission, I met a family – a mom, dad and their five children. I am used to seeing families on the streets of Skid Row, but I have never seen a family who was deaf. Yes, both parents and three of the children were completely deaf.

When I approached the family, there was a volunteer who was serving them and she was a sign language interpreter, so I was able to communicate with them. I asked them why they had come to the Mission and they said, “For clothes for their children and a blessing.”

This family, like so many others, was not on Skid Row because of substance abuse or alcoholism, and they were not hiding out or trying to escape from an unfortunate situation. No, they were on Skid Row because they were in need and had somewhere to come to for help...That is worth repeating,

"They had somewhere to come to for help!"

Your support is needed!I spent some time talking with them and then had the privilege of praying for them, asking Jesus to meet all of their many needs. We were also able to give them clothes for their children who will be heading back to school in just a few short weeks.

And that reminds me of something...

Can you imagine starting a new job wearing a tattered shirt or pants with holes in them from excessive wear? Or wearing dirty, smelly sneakers with no socks? Can you envision the looks or comments you would receive from your coworkers or boss and how that would make you feel?

Well, for many children living in poverty, this is, unfortunately, a very similar scenario for them when they go to school without appropriate clothing, shoes or necessary school supplies to succeed. But Fred Jordan Missions has remained committed to changing all of that by “Declaring and Demonstrating the Love of Jesus” to those in need for the past 75 years!

With that being said, our 31st annual Back To School event is just around the corner where we are preparing to bless 3,000 children with brand new shoes from Foot Locker, new clothing, new backpacks filled with school supplies, toys from The Walt Disney Company, toiletries and hygiene items, haircuts from Paul Mitchell Schools and delicious hot-off-the-grill cheeseburgers from In-N-Out Burger! This is one of our biggest events of the entire year, but we need your help to pull it off!

Will you stand with us with your generous giving today? Your gift of any amount will bless children as they go to school equipped with everything they need to succeed. And on behalf of this precious deaf family we served and all the thousands of children we will serve in the weeks ahead, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Serving Jesus together,

Joe Jordan
President / Senior Pastor

Willie L. Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)
Chairman of the Board