Your Generosity Brings HOPE

If you had to leave home with only the clothes on your back, what would you do?
It’s a question that one mother and her two children had to answer one tragic night. But because of compassionate people like you, their story had a happy ending.
I remember how she and her children ran into the Mission on a freezing winter morning without any jackets or sweaters.
She and her children had been living in fear of her abusive husband. But then their nightmare got worse. He came home and started screaming at them and hitting them. Then he went to the kitchen and picked up a butcher’s knife.
“Get out of here,” he roared, “or I’m going to kill you all!”
She pleaded with him to let her get jackets, or even a blanket, for the children. But he refused—and screamed his threat once more.
As you can imagine, they ran out of the house that night with only what they were wearing. Someone took them to the bus station in downtown Los Angeles, where they spent the night.
The next morning, everyone in the bus station was wondering about this woman and children who were huddled together. “My husband made us leave,” she told a stranger. “We’re so hungry.”
“Go right down the street to the Fred Jordan Mission,” he said. “They’ll take care of you.”
When they arrived, the first thing we did was serve them a hot meal. Then we gave them warm jackets and clothes and found them a place to live.
Thanks to friends like you, this terrified woman and her children had somewhere to turn. And they experienced the love and hope that only Jesus can give.

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You never know the tragic story of someone who walks through the Mission’s door. But when you support Fred Jordan Missions, your gifts are put to work to transform their lives through Jesus Christ.

Your gift today of $50, $25, or whatever is right for you, also provides these precious souls with hot food, warm clothes, and relief from winter’s cold.

Your help is needed more than ever as we face the day-to-day challenges of ministering to these precious souls whom Jesus called “the least of these.”