Special Friends That Fill My Heart With Joy!

I want to tell you today about someone who fills my heart with joy.

These special people are the high school and college students who volunteer hundreds of hours of evangelism and service at the Mission each summer.

They’re our future servant leaders, taking God’s love to hungry, homeless people on the streets.

And through the generosity of compassionate friends like you, they’re serving meals to all the hungry, homeless people who fill our daily Chapel services at the Mission.
These young women and men are spending their summer break here because they want to touch lives with the love of Jesus. And their experience here is having an impact on their lives, too.

That’s because when you look into the eyes of someone who is suffering from hunger and homelessness, it can’t help but break your heart. It changes your outlook on life.

They’ll take what they’ve learned to the streets, sharing the gospel personally with precious souls who desperately need to know that God loves them—that He hasn’t forgotten them.
With your help, our summer volunteers who join us at the Mission will share bread, the staff of life, and Jesus, the Bread of Life, with people who need to see God’s love in action.

Your gift—whatever is right for you—will touch the life of someone who feels abandoned and forgotten by everyone.

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A gift of $25 serves food and hope to 12 people living in desperate need. A $50 gift will feed 25 people. And $100 provides enough food for 50 men, women, or children.

As compassionate students come to the Mission with hearts and hands ready to give, your gift helps ensure there will be enough meals to serve to those whom Jesus called “the least of these.”

Jesus came to shine His Light into the darkness of their lives—and ours. He said, “I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life” (John 8:12 AMP).

Thank you for helping us continue to shine the light of Jesus in this place of great darkness.
Your most grateful servant,

Willie L. Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)

PS: We’re seeing the hearts of our student volunteers changed as they’re challenged to share their faith and serve the poor. And we’re seeing the lives of hungry and homeless children, women, and men being transformed by Jesus Christ. Your gift today will feed hungry bodies and souls—and help continue Fred Jordan Missions’ legacy of evangelism and compassion.