From The Office Of The First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Dear Friend,

On August 31, 2018, my wife Teresa and I are retiring from Fred Jordan Missions.

Teresa and I have had the incredible honor of playing a small part as armor bearers with my dad and mom in this ministry of reaching the lost for Christ.

For the last 36 years, I’ve served as the First Vice President of the ministry, serving by Dad and Mom’s side for the first six years and by Mom’s side after Dad went to be with the Lord in 1988. This has been the greatest honor, privilege, and joy of my life.

For nearly 75 years, Fred Jordan Missions has been a beacon of hope on the streets of Los Angeles. Through my parents’ shared vision for this ministry, hearts have been touched and lives have been transformed by Christ on Skid Row and throughout the world.

God continues to honor Mom’s incredible faithfulness. She always has kept the vision clear. Her passion and love for the lost, broken and hurting is contagious.

Teresa and I served in this ministry together with Mom, my brother Joe, and his wife, Kris, for nearly 10 years until the Lord called them to the Coachella Valley to declare and demonstrate His love by serving “the least of these.”

Now, 21 years later, it is God’s perfect timing for them to again join Fred Jordan Missions and lead this ministry into the future. Joe will serve as President and Senior Pastor.

I’ll be available to assist Joe and Kris as they move forward, and Mom will continue to be involved as together we begin a new chapter in the ongoing ministry of Fred Jordan Missions.

The needs are great, but the opportunities are endless.

I would ask for your continued prayers for Mom as well as your prayers and continuing support for Joe and Kris as they lead the ministry into the future.

There is still much work God wants to see accomplished through Fred Jordan Missions until Christ’s return—and none of it would be possible without you.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers, support and partnership over the years.

As long as there is even one person in need of food and God’s love, Fred Jordan Missions will continue to extend help and hope in Jesus’ name.

God bless you,

Thomas C. (Tom) Jordan                          Teresa Jordan
First Vice President/
Chief Operating Officer