2018 Back To School Giveaway

Thank you for your help in declaring and demonstrating the love of Jesus at our 2018 Back to School Shoe and Clothing Giveaway at Fred Jordan Missions on October 4.
We’re so grateful you chose to spend the day serving and blessing thousands of children who will return to school on Monday with new shoes, new clothes and school supplies—and maybe even a new haircut. Most importantly, these children have the joy of knowing that God loves them.
While things like new shoes and a new backpack may not seem like a lot, it makes all the difference for a child who lives in poverty, for a child who routinely goes to school dressed in rags. And by serving with us on Thursday, you gave these children and their parents something else that’s in short supply: hope.

We give thanks to God for compassionate volunteers like you who are committed to sharing the love of Jesus and bringing practical help to children, women, and men who live in desperate need.
Thank you for everything you did to make the 2018 Back to School Shoe and Clothing Giveaway a success. May God fill your heart with joy and bless you for glorifying Him through your service.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Willie L. Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)
Chairman of the Board
Joe Jordan
President/Senior Pastor