Will you Declare & Demonstrate with us?

Giving Tuesday

We hope you consider today including Fred Jordan Missions in this National Celebration of Giving Back From the Heart.

This time of the year, the streets of Skid Row are cold, wet and filled with hungry families and single adults who need to know they are not forgotten.  

Your special gift helps to provide blankets, jackets, socks, hot meals, water and many other basic necessities to those who are so desperate.

Please know that when you give, you are touching a life with your human kindness, then additionally you are allowing us to share the Love of Jesus to those who are suffering with loneliness and emotional hurt, it is Christ who can dry their tears and fill their hearts with Hope. 

Your Support is needed, will you help FJM to continue to “Declare and Demonstrate” compassion as we serve the poor here on Skid Row.

Thank you for giving back today.

Joe Jordan

P.S.  Your generous gift is tax-deductible.