Los Angeles . . .

. . . Capital of Glitz and glamour, and the Homeless Capital of the Nation.

. . . Home to billionaires and celebrities, and to extreme poverty and hunger.

Fred Jordan Mission is located in downtown Los Angeles, on Skid Row. It is a filthy – sad – dangerous – heartbreaking – depressing, and destructive place.

Filled with cheap hotels, flop houses, drugs and crime, Skid Row is “home” to men, women and little children. Homeless, hungry, and without hope, they all need to know that God loves them.

Fred Jordan came to these streets in 1944 to share Jesus, the Bread of Life for the soul, and to share bread, the staff of life for the body.

Fred Jordan Mission is located in the midst of this suffering . . .

  • • Loving the unloved.
  • • Feeding the hungry.
  • • Healing the hurting.

We serve the poor as a demonstration of God's unconditional love for all people, and because of our faith in Jesus.

Please join us! Together, we can make an eternal impact for God, and for good!

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